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Today, more than ever, what the media says can have a huge impact on your organisation. ​We combine next-gen AI with deep, on-the-ground expertise, spotting immediate opportunities and emerging risks.

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Our briefings and analysis get behind the pronouncements of politicians and policymakers to make clear what is happening on the ground and what is likely to happen. We join together the relevant and interrelated strands of information in ways that conventional mass-audience media cannot do, providing you with a critical level of foresight that goes beyond headlines and soundbites.

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As the EU embarks on its ambitious €2 trillion journey towards a sustainable, digitized future, our presence across all EU27 member states ensures you're not just abreast, but ahead. We bring together fragmented EU narratives into cohesive insights tailored for informed investment decisions.

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Language nuances can be the difference between insight and oversight. Our multilingual experts analyse conversations spanning 68 global markets, ensuring clients benefit from a holistic view of unfolding events. Our teams are continually connecting dots, ensuring decision-makers are a step ahead.

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Hybrid intelligence

Merging AI with experienced economic and political expertise, we decode complex media landscapes across Europe, Asia, Middle East, and the Americas.
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Situation reports

Our multilingual teams identify developing risks and opportunities with reports and briefings that give you the clear edge over competitors

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Groundlevel insight

With in-country editors in every EU member state, we provide unparalleled intelligence and early warnings on the issues that are crucial to you.  

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Issues management

Extensive coverage across 38 languages and 68 global markets ensures real-time tracking of your key issues, in English, just when you need them.

In a world where the ​media landscape is continually evolving, understanding emerging issues, reputational dynamics, and associated risks is crucial. Since 2007, mediabrief has been at the forefront of this change. From its start-up roots, we've become a global leader serving corporate and institutional clients.

Central to ​h​ow we work is blending cutting-edge AI technology with incisive economic and political insight. ​It allows us to decode and navigate the multifaceted issues across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.

Headquartered in Europe, ​o​ur 52 multilingual analysts cover 68 global markets, delivering ​global and ground-level insights, ensuring clients stay one step ahead in an increasingly complex world.

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